D-FENS1 Vulnerability Shield

When it comes to cybersecurity vulnerability management,
details are everything.


D-FENS1 is indexing and adding to its ecosystem
of monitored websites around the clock.

Below are some key live app stats:


Websites Checked
by D-FENS1

2 min
32 sec

Average time for D-FENS1 to analyze a website


Vulnerabilites Indexed


Most common vulnerability
discovered by D-FENS1

We Find Your Security Gaps Before The Cyber Criminals Do.

Cyber Criminals are constantly looking for exposed attack surfaces (Your Infrastructure such as website, routers, firewalls, ETC...)
to find entry points that can lead to costly data breaches.

Let the experts at Graylock Cybersecurity & their flagship product D-FENS1 perform continuous vulnerability analysis on a regular basis
to minimize your exposure to business risk.

Much like a person uses a fitness tracker to monitor personal health, continuous security testing can be used to show where a business ganed mass (growth of attack surface), identify whether the Infrastructure is in poor health (vulnerabilities increasing in specific areas) or pinpoint signs of a compromise or security breach.

Continuous vulnerability analysis is being employed by organizations to approach security testing like determined attackers with time on their side. In these tests, Graylock Cybersecurity experts use proprietary custom servers, monitoring, and techniques to identify attack surface weakness, vulnerabilities that can be leveraged to compromise the network and provide detailed results to demonstrate business impact.

The process begins the moment you engage with Graylock Cybersecurity as a trusted advisor on cybersecurity.

These ongoing assessments include manual crawls and footprinting of a network or application and ongoing vulnerability scans and manual verification
of findings assisted by our artifical intelligence system & threat analysis database.

Graylock Cybersecurity provides detailed reporting of all security issues discovered and comprehensive remediation recommendations.

What is D-FENS1 Vulnerability Shield?

Vulnerability Management is widely described as the practice of identifying, classifying, remediating and mitigating vulnerabilities.
It is also described as the discovery, reporting, prioritization, and response to vulnerabilities in your network.

Vulnerability management is no longer an option for organizations, in fact, it is becoming required by multiple compliance, audit and risk management frameworks. SANS Security Controls lists continuous vulnerability assessment and remediation as number four on their most recent framework citing that it needs to “Continuously acquire, assess, and take action on new information in order to identify vulnerabilities, and to remediate and minimize the window of opportunity for attackers”.

You can’t stop what you can’t see. That’s why our D-FENS1 Vulnerability Shield should be the foundation of your security program because you have to know what is on your network in order to monitor and protect it.
D-FENS1 Vulnerability Shield can help you proactively understand the risks in order to keep it safe.

How can you benefit from D-FENS1 Vulnerability Shield?

There are thousands of known vulnerabilities in the wild, most of them with patches.
However, not all vulnerabilities are equal which is why you need to manage them.

Using D-FENS1 Vulnerability Shield we can:

  • Intelligently Manage Vulnerabilities: Not all vulnerabilities carry the same risks. With our vulnerability management program, your organization can more intelligently prioritize remediation, apply security patches and allocate security resources more effectively.
  • Meet regulatory requirements and avoid data breaches & fines: D-FENS1 Vulnerability Shield not only helps your organization by keeping you compliant across industry regulations but it can also help you to provide detailed reports to help avoid significant fines for non-compliance and allow you to provide ongoing due diligence during an audit.

Who needs D-FENS1 Vulnerability Shield?

Any website or business who has assets connected to the internet needs D-FENS1 Vulnerability Shield.

Many industries are required to be compliant with regulations. Attacks resulting in data loss are often caused by breaches using known, unpatched & often unrealized vulnerabilities.

If you have any asset on your network that is not patched regularly, a vulnerability management program is for you.

Does this sound like you? You’re not alone! There are millions of people trying to keep up and stay ahead of the newest exploit and stop the next breach. We will help prevent that, let us help.

"It's time to detect, to react and protect the rest of your network from vulnerability." --Travis Yeargan

D-FENS1 Pricing Options

D-Fens1 Bronze

D-Fens1 Bronze

$575 for the First Infrastructure IP address, Subdomain, or URL
$85 per additional target

Monthly Scanning

Report Via Email

Monthly Recurring Rate
5% Discount for
Yearly Payment

D-Fens1 Silver

D-FENS1 Silver

$1275 for the First Infrastructure IP address, Subdomain, or URL
$150 per additional target

Weekly Scanning

Report Via Email
Change Report Via Phone Monthly

Monthly Recurring Rate
5% Discount for
Yearly Payment

D-Fens1 Gold

D-FENS1 Gold

$3250 for the First Infrastructure IP address, Subdomain, or URL
$280 per additional target

Scanning every 60 hours

Report Via Email
Change Report Via Phone Bi-Weekly

Monthly Recurring Rate
5% Discount for
Yearly Payment

We have implemented a flexible elastic fee structure designed to make D-FENS1 Vulnerability Shield affordable
and accessible to our small / medium business clients:

All prices are billed per month.

Examples for the Gold plan such as:
• For a single website on the Gold plan, the fee would be $1275 invoiced per month @ 12 months = $14.535 per year with the 5% prepay discount.
• For an SMB with a website ($1275), staff VPN ($150), email server ($150), and customer portal ($150),
the fee would be $1695 invoiced per month @ 12 months = $19,665 per year with the 5% prepay discount.
• Scaling up to 60 IPs ($10,125 per month). Contact us for our Enterprise rate if your needs exceed 60+ IPs.

D-FENS1 Total Power Capability


CPU Cores


Gigabytes of RAM


Vulnerabilites Monitored


Continents of
Geographic Operation

With D-FENS1 We Solve Vulnerability Analysis & Management Needs

  • Test your policy agreement and your organization's ability to identify and respond to security threats.
  • Detect and repair potential weaknesses in your network before they can be exploited by cyber criminals.
  • Identify vulnerabilities on network devices, operating systems, desktop applications, web applications, cloud services, databases, and more.
  • Manage resources more efficiently by focusing attention and business resources where needed.