Your VULNERABILITIES are showing...

We are a leading reporter of vulnerabilities & offer consulting services to some
of the largest and well known brands on Earth
and we scale our services to businesses of any size.

Cyber attacks have become a scary reality for practically every individual and organization. No matter who the individual victim, or what the size of the business or the organization's size, the looming threat of hackers on a mission to steal information is very real and can be avoided if you are constantly aware of your risks and know how to manage them. --Travis Yeargan, Founder of Graylock Cybersecurity.

D-FENS1 Vulnerability Shield

For D-FENS1, keeping businesses aware of their vulnerabilities is a concept woven into every aspect of its design.

One problem is that many businesses don’t have cybersecurity vulnerability monitoring services.
But another big problem is those with cybersecurity services don’t know how to manage the vulnerabilities and put the information to use.

Through our research, we’ve learned that people find cybersecurity products too complicated and unpredictable to use.
Our goal was to create something that users wouldn’t have to worry about using at all, we manage it in our Security Operations Center.

D-FENS1 is an ever evolving system that changes with the growing threat landscape and an excellent example of our commitment to making cybersecurity (vulnerability management & analysis) easy to obtain and put into action in any online connected business today.

This service will transform your experience of having insight into the health of your internet facing infrastructure and websites,
making it as easy an email or phone call with us every other week to learn about the health and risk factors of your business and partners you conduct business with.

Despite our small company size, we have reported vulnerabilities to the largest companies and governments offices on the planet.

You’ll love the all-new Graylock Cybersecurity D-FENS1 Vulnerability Shield system, and we know you’ll be safer for subscribing to it.

Protect Your Online Business


Threat, Risk and Vulnerability Assessments

We evaluate your current preparedness and improve security in an intelligent, cost-effective and comprehensive way across the organization & digital infrastructure.

This is done through a process of threat assessment, vulnerability evaluation scoring,
and website & digital infrastructure analysis.


Cybersecurity Consulting Services

Our threat evasion and proprietary server software was is our approach to organizational security for online businesses was developed and is founded on our guiding principle that risk taking is essential for success.

Too much security can burden your organization, too little leaves your operations exposed and you potentially liable. Graylock Cybersecurity combines experience and expertise with technological prowess giving your people the confidence they need to focus on growth, while we focus on your cybersecurity risk and evasion of the ever evolving threats to your digital infrastructure.

Real Words from Real People

Simone B.

Online Business Owner

We've used Graylock Cybersecurity to assess our website for the last year, I STRONGLY recommend them to EVERYONE interested in running a secure online business & they will always protect my website as long as I own it.
I will highly recommend you to my colleagues.

Lee Claxton

Alpha Computer and Web Services

Graylock Cybersecurity is one of the most professional cybersecurity companies I know of,
I've conducted business with Travis for a long time for my web hosting company and know how skilled he is and how he manages his team.
I recommend them for any of your
vulnerability testing needs.
You won't be disappointed trust me.

Ronda W.

Business To Business Consultant

Graylock Cybersecurity impressed me on multiple levels. I am so pleased with their findings.
We didn't even know our information was at risk.
Your company is truly upstanding and we are behind your services 100%. Thank you for saving us.